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The Day's Catch

After a certain amount of frustration, much of it rooted in the absence of an owner's manual for my pentax and the fact that I no longer remembered what I had read the last time I used my own camera (during the late 90s), I shot a few photos. Really, I probably should have shot this on 400 film instead of 800, but some of the odd results I had been getting in the recent past

had left me a little risk averse. As above, the blur could produce interesting effects which one could then have fun playing around with, and some of the results were reasonably passable,

but in other cases, so much of the detail was obscured that the viewer might well wonder why I even bothered to photograph my subject. One can still make the strangeness work for one, but is what one gets something that tells the viewer more about one's subject or about oneself? I was here to document the look and feel of a neighborhood, not that of my site.

Today, I got a hold of a manual, sort of, and had access to it long enough to look up a little basic information. Excellent. I was in business.