In the past, Webring has asked us to refrain from placing multiple navbar stacks on the same page, in order to keep bandwidth consumption down and the service running quickly and reliably for everybody, so I'll have to ask you to click again, in order to get back to your ring. Just choose the title of the page you entered my site on, and you'll get to where you need to be. If you don't see the name of the page below, this would have to be because you came in from one of my other sites and wandered around a bit.

Not a problem. If you entered via the other (Webring Webspace) copy of the Stumbling into the Void homepage, you can get back to your ring on that site through this page. If you came in on some other page, one that isn't a mirror to any of the pages on this site, then you can still find your way back using the global ring return page for my sites.

  1. Joe Dunphy's Page of ... well, you know
  2. Stumbling into the Void / My Metablog
  3. Quick and Easy Recipes on Flickr